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Domestic tree care services

We're here to tackle all aspects of domestic tree work, services available across Berkshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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Professional & reliable tree surgeons

Here at High Branch Tree Care, our domestic team provide an extensive range of tree services to our customers across Berkshire and the surrounding areas. We’re proud of the work we produce so we always work to the highest of standards and follow all industry guidelines for health and safety.

No job is too big or small and we carry out all our projects with the same level of care and customer satisfaction in mind. We leave all sites clean, tidy and safe, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space immediately. Our fully trained and qualified team are here to discuss your requirements

Tree crown reduction 

Height reduction for your trees, making the tree smaller and tidier by removing the ends of the upper branches. Enabling more light to come through and around your tree.

Tree crown thinning

The removal of deadwood and selected branches to increase light access. The size of the tree stays the same. 

Tree crown lifting

The removal of lower branches to allow more room around the tree. 

Tree pollarding

A type a pruning that enables us to keep trees smaller than they would grow. Starting early, once your tree reaches a certain we can introduce annual pollarding that will keep the tree at that height. 

Tree deadwood

The removal of dead branches. It's natural for branches to die but is important to have these removed not only for your tree to flourish but in case of storms and strong winds. 

Tree removal service 

We specialise in dangerous and complicated tree removals. We have a range of equipment such as cranes and winching systems to get the job done to the highest of standards. 

Tree stump removal/stump grinding 

If you've removed a tree you're usually left with the tree stump. To remove this we grind the stump and the main root to below ground level, we then fill where the stump was. Giving you extra space!

Tree felling

Involves cutting down the whole tree, it can be cut down in one (with enough space for the tree to safely fall) or in sections by removing the tree branch by branch. 

Garden tree clearance

Removal of the different types of undergrowth you would expect to find in your garden. 

Section felling

If there isn't enough room for a tree to be felled in one, we can remove it section by section, this method is usually used when there isn't a lot of space around the tree itself. 

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"Harvey and his team done a fantastic job of removing and clearing my trees making sure that my garden was spotless before leaving, they provided a quick and easy consultation service I highly recommend."


Domestic tree services across Berkshire and Surrey.

Get in contact with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

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